Wedding Planner 🌼

Screenshots and features description

After a lot of years of working on backend, I decided to learn more about the Frontend tech stack, and wow…it has been a journey! I want to improve what I know and learn new skills as well. Writing JavaScript made me write better Java! By a turn of events, I started working on project and being involved in all the stages of the product has proved to be invaluable experience. From automatic database migrations, designing and implementing a RESTFull API and the client facing project with React.Js to thinking like a project manager and deciding what features should be implemented as a priority… all of these has helped me become a better developer and scratching the surface as a project manager for a technical product. I have the help of my partner (Software Engineer as well), with whom I can collaborate on github PRs and chat about product features. At the end of the day, we were already the clients for the wedding platform and while interacting with our invitees, we got real-time feedback of what worked as expected and what needed some modifications.

API driven Wiki 👩‍💻

Screenshots and features description API Wiki

In 2011, I started my first blog, I was an Android Developer learning publicly…but I didn’t know what that meant back them. After 3(?) years I deleted it all. I liked writing errors that I encountered whilst developing and writing what the solution is. I considered it my own but public knowledge base. I always loved the idea of a Wiki. This is what “digital garden” means to me nowadays. This is why this project came to life. I wanted to create a RESTFUL API, with unit tests that have the goal of 100% test coverage; create a better written (since the last time I created a similar project - so comparison is with older me only) React.JS dashboard where I can see my WIKI posts and of course the ‘public’ website where people can read what you share.

One-page React.Js themes

I love and occasionally browse around there for design inspiration. I wanted to practice writing CSS and creating layouts, so I chose some website designs to try to reproduce them in code. Until now, I have a one-page lifestyle type a blog storyreacttheme and a minimal blog blogreacttheme. I made them Github Templates, so you can start your own project with any of the templates and see results in minutes.

Would you like to see a specific web design implemented? You can create a new issue in this Github Repository and maybe it will be created.

Pick A Pair Mate

Pick a pair mate - Generate a unique pair of names without analytics spying. | Product Hunt

Generate a unique pair of names from your input. You only need unique pairs for whatever (your own situation). The project does not track the users in any shape or form. It’s created this way because there is absolutely no reason to have tracking or analytics here.

The code is public on a GitHub Repository under Apache-2.0 License.

The web app is hosted on Vercel: Pick A Pair Mate