After a lot of discussions and some market search, we wanted to create a web product that will help us manage our wedding event and doesn’t take and sell all our data. That’s how we came up with this idea, and we tested it on our own wedding planning. Well…fast forward 2020, the pandemic stopped all our plans but, we did got married in a smaller group and but we paused this project for a bit to figure things out.


Alongside sharing responsibility for your event with your partner, sending direct and anonymous (to your office colleagues for instance) RSVP invites, arranging people at the virtual tables and always know how much money you spent. On the backlog we have been planning to add a marketplace for local-only vendors that could help with wedding services.


If you are a fan of stats, until today we have spent over 2600 working hours to design, create and implement this project. For now, the requests to create a new account will be suspended until further notice.


Gif showing the wedding management dashboard