A starter tutorial on motion animations created with CSS

I personally think of CSS animations as something complex. While this is still true, I am making steps towards learning more about it, because that's the only way to fill knowledge gaps. I am going to teach you how to animate an SVG, using Figma and CSS. We are going to use Figma because it's so useful to ~see~ and ~group~ the elements that you will later want to animate. For the next steps, I will just assume you have a Figma account and a small project you can tinker with.

Lessons from a failed idea

This story would be way more glamorous if I talked about a simple idea that popped into my mind on a casual day and made it into a resounding success. I know this type of stories, I read them as well. This post is not about that, because I haven't experienced it yet. We rarely read about failing projects, because some might not consider it to be valuable. Well, for me it is. Representation is *always* valuable.

Pick a pair mate project

Generate a unique pair of names from your input. For game night, support system at work or pair programming.

Start using Criteria Builder in your Java project

If you are writing a REST API in Java and SpringBoot for your side projects or at work, I am guessing you have used JPA by now. You probably heard of CriteriaBuilder, but if not, don't worry. I personally have only heard of it a couple of years ago. Looking online on the timeline of this, it appears to be available since Java Persistence 2.0 (Source). So it's about time I learn the power of writing complex queries in a way that, for example, in a refactoring situation I don't need to change strings in my queries. This is part one of using Criteria Builder (package javax.persistence).

Run tests using GitHub actions in SpringBoot project

When you use GitHub and you really want to run all tests when a new PR is created, or just when code is pushed, then you can use Github Actions.

From Design to Code

Until now, I didn't feel comfortable transforming a given design into code. Of course, I wanted to fix this and I learn by doing (mostly). After browsing around online I chose two website designs from Dribbble as inspiration for my projects. I decided to make them both React.js projects because it makes more sense to me. I am using React.js for some time now and I wanted a starter theme of my own. This is not a post that will go in deep with React.js details, my main focus is the layout and it's CSS.

Configure Flyway database migrations in SpringBoot

Flyway is great because it helps avoiding a lot of human error when dealing with database scripts and versions, by automatically dealing with this part of the project. This takes away that cumbersome task of remembering the team's name conventions and manually deploying. Another reason to use Flyway is because it keeps a list of all the scripts that have ran with success or not in the automatically created table flyway_schema_history. This is a plug-and-play feature that acts as a version control for database migrations.

Enhance your technical job opportunity description

We are all experiencing a change in our daily life (choices as well) because of Covid-19 (worldwide pandemic, not-a-flu). As job seekers, some of us were caught during job searching, others were furlough or let go and need to find a new job. As companies, some are hiring now and some have frozen hiring. It is more important than ever now, as a company, to put more work into your job opportunity descriptions. Turn around the question "what can you do for us" from interviews, to "what can we as a company do for you".

Write Unit Tests for your Rest APIs

I want to detail the steps that I try to take when creating a new endpoint in a backend project (Java, SpringBoot, Mockito). Definitely this is not the same all the time, but that's not the topic for this post.

Twilio hackathon Buy Food Locally

Buy food from local vendors. I am trying to bring more features to a situation I found locally, and add the possibility to vendors to create an account and add their products and to safely order food, with a phone number as an identifier

Is the job remote?

I see a lot of job ads that use 'remotejobs' and when you read the description, or in some cases, need to exchange a few emails, you find out it's not an actual remotejob, it's remote sometimes when the company 'allows you' or when/if they are beginning to trust you. Oh, so many red flags here... I am only talking about remote jobs in software development land because this is my preference, and it's what I am looking for. Hence, I started to have my own filter of remotejobs, especially in Romania, my own lovely country. A remote job is either "not working in your office" or it's not a remote job, at best is flexible. Annual or something similar meet-ups in real life is different and is risky until we have a vaccine for this worldwide pandemic.