Hello 👋

I am Gabi, a Fullstack Software Engineer focused on web and sometimes mobile software development. Playing a lot with Java, SpringBoot, Micronaut and React.js. This is my 'digital garden', a place where I share what I am personally working on and where I share some of my technical content. During my career, I worked with early-stage startups, small-mid companies, big corporations and had the pleasure to work on various projects, from e-learning, e-commerce, mobile apps and financial solutions for Nordic and European countries. This professional experience has thought me to adapt quickly and to favour sustainable implementations rather than hacky solutions because this could give you a great advantage in the long term.

Lessons from a failed idea

This story would be way more glamorous if I talked about a simple idea that popped into my mind on a casual day and made it into a resounding success. I know this type of stories, I read them as well. This post is not about that, because I haven't experienced it yet. We rarely read about failing projects, because some might not consider it to be valuable. Well, for me it is. Representation is always valuable.

Start using Criteria Builder in your Java project

If you are writing a REST API in Java and SpringBoot for your side projects or at work, I am guessing you have used JPA by now. You probably heard of CriteriaBuilder, but if not, don't worry. I personally have only heard of it a couple of years ago. Looking online on the timeline of this, it appears to be available since Java Persistence 2.0 (Source).

Configure Flyway database migrations in SpringBoot

Flyway is great because it helps avoiding a lot of human error when dealing with database scripts and versions, by automatically dealing with this part of the project. This takes away that cumbersome task of remembering the team's name conventions and manually deploying. Flyway keeps a list of all the scripts that have ran with success or not in the automatically created table flyway_schema_history.